Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart

“Rod before he found the MOR.”

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Rod before he found the MOR.   3

Solmask 19 Dec 2013

Went to see Rod in Falkirk at the week-end. Great gig but nothing as good as this. Sorry, no decent vids available via TIMJ   13

allymac 23 Jun 2014

Favorite parts have to be the drums and Maggie Bell's backing vocals. Amazing mix of blues and folk. #rodstewart   15

bankstatement 13 Jun 2015

Just for the savage drumming alone....   2

roseyrhymes 10 Nov 2014

Don't it? @rodstewart #EveryPictureTellsAStory #lastjams   1

AbaOblongata 12 Sep 2015

Doesn't get much better than this one...   9

newley 16 Aug 2013