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Sometimes, all it takes is two guitars and a bunch of talent. Rodrigo and Gabriela met at the age of 15, at the Casa de Cultura (House of Culture) in Mexico City, where Rodrigo‚Äôs brother was the director. Quintero was in a drama class and at the suggestion of his brother, Rodrigo met up with her. She remembers "this 15-year-old boy there, dressed in a black ... with messy hair. Yet he was different to the other metal-heads his age: he seemed very serious and didn't drink or smoke". The two bonded over their interest in music, soon became a couple and eventually started playing together.   9

LiveSessions 26 Oct 2014

yes please

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Something easy-going for a lazy Sunday morning.   3

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pluck   3

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I wanted their cover of "Take five", but it is restricted... :(   11

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I forget who brought this video to my attention. It's a good performance. It's another video I wanted to post before Jams closes next month.

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