Sugar Man by Rodriguez

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babysoph 21 Jan 2015

Sixto Rodriguez - probably one of the most inspiring people re. money doesn't care!

zazi 2 May 2015

You can’t really say he was forgotten because he wasn’t noticed in the first place. For the three people out there who don’t know the story of Sixto Rodriguez, the Mexican-Anerican had cut a single “I’ll Slip Away” in 1967 and in the early 1970s released two albums “Cold Fact” and “Coming from Reality” – all of which went absolutely nowhere. For most of the rest of his life he supported himself doing demolition work and renovations in his hometown of Detroit. Fortunately some bootlegs made their way to South Africa where he became bigger than Elvis and the Rolling Stones combined. From there, a following took root in Botswana, Rhodesia, New Zealand and Australia. But the Western world, as we know it, was stuporously unaware of his mega-success -- as was he -- until two South African supporters mounted a search on the early Internet, the story of which is captured in the “Searching for Sugar Man,” see   6

Swampy 9 Jun 2013

One of the great troubadours delivers the honesty of self recognition through his awareness of Being. Have a beautiful weekend folks.   15

Bukowski 13 Jun 2014

For a blue coin won't you bring back All those colors to my dreams

kreece002 12 Aug 2015

Been a while since I listened to Rodriguez.

edclarke 20 Jan 2014