Exploitation by Róisín Murphy

DavidM2000AD’s jam on 12 May ’15 and then once after that (See all)

“Re-Jamming "Exploitation" by Róisín Murphy cos it is TOO GOOD”

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Re-Jamming "Exploitation" by Róisín Murphy cos it is TOO GOOD

DavidM2000AD 19 May 2015

Esta mujer es la reina induscutible del universo pop. O al menos de la galaxia habitada con seres inteligentes.

hernan 14 Jun 2015

Never underestimate creative people and the depths that they will go...   3

bignonioides 14 Apr 2015

who / who's exploiting who

sparzheg 24 Mar 2015

LOVE this video. The song's a grower.   2

Astromonkey 18 May 2015

Great album, one of the best of the year so far I reckon.

misterfusty 30 May 2015