Exploitation by Róisín Murphy

“Great album, one of the best of the year so far I reckon.”

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Great album, one of the best of the year so far I reckon.

misterfusty 30 May 2015

A wonky slice of genius from one of my #Sonar highlights.

davidovitch 24 Jun 2015

Promising song from the new album...   10

flame_me_up 31 Mar 2015

After 7 years away raising 2 babies Roisin Murphy returns to follow up her most commercial offering with one of her most challenging projects ever. Experimental is the name of the game with "Exploitation" (yet the video reminds me a little of Eurythmics' classic "Beethoven" video of 1987), and the song pushes the boundaries of what is considered minimal house music. Then there's that voice, one of the strongest around, taking a less is more approach. The apex of crystalline blue-eyed millennial soul.

countpopula 2 Jun 2015

LOVE this video. The song's a grower.   2

Astromonkey 18 May 2015

Esta mujer es la reina induscutible del universo pop. O al menos de la galaxia habitada con seres inteligentes.

hernan 14 Jun 2015