Good Times by Rolling Stones

“As you know, I often write a lot to say something very simple... a friend of mine says "we actually don't TALK in English, we tell a whole story just to explain what we're talking about" and that's why, if i was to mention every person that I wanna thank, it might really take all night long! That's why all your comments always meant so much to me, and I've always tried to respond to every person that wrote me anything, or left just a simple *smile* on my page throughout these 3 years. This place has changed my life in so many ways, it has uplifted me when i was sad, it was something to hold on to when things looked messy, there was always something happening even in the middle of the night and the insomniacs found a place to relax, laugh and listen to great music. What I would never have imagined is that happiness and love would have found me here as well, when @jackietheripper came my way and made things even brighter and better ♥♥♥ (continues)”

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