Car Wash by Rose Royce

“Hey @gillo. See your Disco Inferno and raise you a Car Wash for #fridaydiscobackup.”

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Hey @gillo. See your Disco Inferno and raise you a Car Wash for #fridaydiscobackup.

FriDiscoBackup 26 Dec 2014

#FunkyFriday #FilmAndTVSoundtracks - perhaps more disco than funky, this, the title tune from the 1976 Michael Schultz musical comedy with an ensemble cast that included Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Duke and The Pointer Sisters among others, is probably the group's biggest hit.

kayebalogun 7 Aug 2015

#FunkyFriday Got some catching up to do for #AWeekOfDisco... guess where my car's headed this weekend...   23

AlicejustMay 30 Aug 2013

Lovely song ! But ... no comment on this video ...

michiohirota 16 Dec 2013

Let me tell ya, it's better than digging a ditch.   1

BrianWDrummey 29 Jan 2014

#Motionpicturecredits Numbah 9! I couldn't get the end scrolling credits for Car Wash - so I used this instead! Also - I've had my cars washed plenty of times and i have NEVER had this much fun, there's never any cool music playing and no one looks THIS happy to be cleaning up my ride...   6

SheRa 7 Jul 2014