In Every Dream Home A Heartache by Roxy Music

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The Roxy Music song that made me want to made the effort to like them. First heard drunkenly played on an acoustic guitar by some guy we used to see all the time in indie clubs when we were in sixth form, while finishing off the night's beers in his parents' living room on the way home from one of those indie clubs (and probably five or six years before I heard Roxy doing it).   1

ennacooper 3 Mar 2014

Consider this in lieu of my sitting you down on my couch and putting this on the turntable.   4

debcha 3 Sep 2012

Ah, the well-worn story of man meets mail-order inflatable doll #NaughtyWeek   10

tomdwilly 25 Jul 2014

Surely this has to be one of the greatest song titles of all time.   5

andyknightesq 15 Feb 2013

Roxy Music 1973 ...........But you blew my mind.....!   6

andybartlett 21 Feb 2014

Great song from Roxy Music's 2nd album "For Your Pleasure".   9

AndyWilkinson 10 Jul 2015