It's Tricky by Run D.M.C.

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but mystikalyx was first  

I knew that I had married into the right family when I had an epic karaoke rap battle against my sister-in-law with this song. Curses, Wendy, I will defeat you someday! Incidentally, 'Raising Hell' was the first cassette tape that I bought with my own money.

enzeeby 25 Jul 2014

What's it like for Mrs Hackley as we get closer to Halloween? "It's Tricky" - just ask RUN-DMC!

HackleySchool 29 Oct 2014

RUN DMC Live @Scala #30th Anniversary Vodaphone 18.1.15

DeeperTheBeats 12 Jan 2015

Raising Hell is as good today as it was in 1986.   3

wilwheaton 26 Oct 2013

Now, given what I've posted to date, I'll place a large bet that you weren't expecting this. Well, I like most genres of music up to a certain point. This type of music, I'll listen to 80's and 90's. I generally think that music has got worse as the genre it belongs to has aged. With metal being an exception of course.   6

robyncullwick 25 Mar 2014