Angel Duster by Run the Jewels


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Axol 1 Dec 2014

music for characters from a next-gen Grand Theft Auto game coming to terms with their emergent sentience

joshua_starr 12 Jan 2015

"You say you wanna be my leader I think you wanna be my God You say you on the side of the righteous I say I'm gonna hang with the wrong There's truth where the filth is There's lies in the law You want a whore with a white dress I want a wife in a thong" Let that shit bang out. XX

thatAMENkid 6 Dec 2014

A song about feather dusting to round out #tidyingupweek. I have it on good information that El-P and Killer Mike have cleaning competitions where each vies to make his "crib" as spotless and gleaming as possible. It's all about self-respect.

thesunneversets 28 Nov 2014

"Angel Duster" by @therealelp and @KillerMikeGTO is my new jam.   3

jamesftw 24 Oct 2014

A pope is a fraud A church is a lie A queen is the same damn thing You should pray to your fake god that she die

uberlinco 8 Apr 2015