Blockbuster Night Part 1 by Run the Jewels

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but andyjacksson was first  

last album voodoo, proved that we was fucking brutal

frankcornish 13 Jun 2015

I Jake the Snake `em. DDT `em in mausoleums.

DOYMarshall 10 Jul 2015

My beats is bangin’, fuck what you rappin’, who produced you?

fake13 13 Jan 2015

NEW RUN THE JEWELS! Killer Mike (one half of the group, the other half being El-P) has been my favorite rapper in the last five years or so and he calls the upcoming RTJ album "the best rap group album since RTJ1". Judging by this first offering, I'm inclined to believe him. Also, he's an outspoken activist and has always seemed intelligent, but I was a little afraid CNN would try to make him look like a fool when they recently asked him to talk about the events in Ferguson, Missouri. I'm glad that's not the case. Here's the rather interesting interview:   14

shiningsun2k 22 Aug 2014