#22 - Early (Feat. BOOTS) by Run The Jewels


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Only just got obsessed with this album. Man, the lyrics to this song...   4

flame_me_up 22 Apr 2015

Superb animation, beats & rhymes, - DOPE!   2

Wildstyle77 21 May 2015

Truth is truth when denied or not

kreece002 1 Jun 2015

#Top31Tracksof2014: This is basically the song of 2014 from the album of 2014. Killer Mike's verse feels especially poignant given the rise in coverage of unprovoked signs of aggressive force on young black men by law enforcement officers, whilst El-P's verse cleverly makes him complicit in this systemic problem by relegating Mike's story to simply an unimportant footnote in his own miserable day - a man who sees the truth for what it is but has given up trying to fight back against it, letting the realisation of such a worthless endeavour crush him. Truth be told, this probably should be higher - and would have been, "RTJ2" has hit me HARD these past two weeks, it taking a few months for me to realise just how outstanding this album is - but it absolutely deserves to be on this countdown, regardless of where it ended up. #bestof2014

CallumPetch 10 Jan 2015

I'm in love with this album, I just can't stop listening to it. Much more better than I thought it would be.   3

janmanisdead 4 Nov 2014

Heard this and loved it!

frederickpolk 25 May 2015