Headlong Flight by Rush

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I haven't jammed my favourite band for ages and @rushtheband are about to start their 40th anniversary tour. Turn it up to 11! @rushisaband

robbo1962 8 May 2015

Rush for my first jam of 2014

robbo1962 2 Jan 2014

It's never bad to wake up with a good song stuck in your head.

beige13 17 Jan 2014

Rush is dit jaar eindelijk opgenomen in de Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Werd tijd :-)

richardrijntjes 22 Dec 2012

They've still got it then.

crq100 21 Apr 2012

The surprise from last night's show - heavier than on the recording - drum solo 2 of 3 and extended jamming - something Rush rarely does!

hentor 7 Jul 2013