New York, New York by Ryan Adams


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Apart from Slough,which can't be rivalled for its vibrant art and literature culture, my favourite place to visit.

jonjonjohnny 19 Nov 2013

"Well, I shuffled through the city on the 4th of July I had a firecracker waiting to blow..." Seasonally appropriate. Happy No-longer-under-the-imperial-boot Day, 'Murricans!

tonypconway 4 Jul 2014

Right, I'm off. Normal service will resume tomorrow (sigh...)   2

TBBYNH 26 Aug 2013

Well, it was always going to be something Ethan Johns themed this week...

elreydelchili 29 Sep 2013

We were due to go to NYC in October 2001 and I was listening to this song over and over. That trip didn't happen for obvious reasons but we've been many times since. We are going back this weekend and its that song again.   1

howayman 29 Oct 2013

Just back from a week in Brooklyn. This is the other song of this name for those unfamiliar with it. The video has unintended poignancy given the date it was filmed.   4

rocknrollisking 18 Jan 2015