I Thank You by Sam and Dave


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I am forever thankful for the work produced at Stax Records -- SOULSVILLE, USA!   3

joshhornik 21 Nov 2012

#funkyfriday   6

An_Irish_Brit 10 Oct 2014

Well, instead of going for something new, I've went all "classic soul" for this Jam. I was putting together the notes for the weekly radio show I do here in Seoul (pardon the pun) and not to give too much away about next week's lineup, but this song (not the artists) will be part of it. Happy Groovin'...   11

cbinseoul 3 Apr 2014

Thanksgiving time in the States. I am thankful for dancing horn sections.   1

gogokrista 26 Nov 2013

And I mean it, too. The Gjallarhorn has been blown, the GotterJammerung has arrived.   3

ThatWeissGuy 25 Sep 2015