Festival Time by San Remo Golden Strings

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The San Remo Golden Strings were a studio group from Detroit, Michigan. Some of its members also played in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, while others were members of the Motown backing band, The Funk Brothers. Just occasionally they would come out from the covers and make their own sounds, none of which made a very big splash however. This track though was an instrumental piece that was sort of played between tracks as it were in the clubs, it was as if it was always there, yet it only appeared in 1971, the same year that The Twisted Wheel closed. I listened to it much more in the Torch and the Casino. It just got into your head and stayed there, and I guess as I'm playing it, it's still there today. Hope you like it. #TopClassics #KTF   3

jovisgoesnuts 21 Mar 2014

Just a reminder of my Northern Soul roots, it nice to hear what was the main backing orchestra for many of the Motown hits do their own thing from time to time. #HopeYouLikeIt #KTF   3

jovisgoesnuts 13 Jul 2014