Samba Pa Ti by Santana

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Jamming my favourite songs #TillTheWheelsFallOff #LongLiveTheJams #LastJams   7

BertrandRustles 6 Sep 2015

Perhaps the tune that got me hooked on the guitar. Has to be one of the most iconic rock tracks of the 20th century. Had this playing, eyes closed, on the bike machine in the gym tonight......bliss!

siprodger 28 Jan 2014

Just an impressive instrumental. so beautiful and soothing.   16

zodat 23 Aug 2014

Never get tired of this one! Pure melodic heroin.

larrycolborne1 13 Dec 2014

A sound for summer   2

ian2 29 Jul 2013

Betoverend. Nog altijd. Vanaf 4'00 ook dat carnavalsriedeltje. Mooi.

erwinwijman 27 Mar 2013