Manhattan by Sara Bareilles


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So sad. But so pretty.

KatinEdinburgh 11 Dec 2013

The lyrical genius does it again. UGH! "You can have manhattan because I can't have you"

windsofthewood 17 May 2013

You can have Manhattan I’ll settle for the beach And sunsets facing westward With sand beneath my feet I’ll wish this away Just missing the days When I was one half of two You can have Manhattan Cause I can’t have you

NikkiKoala90 30 Apr 2014

hang on to the reverie could you do that for me? cause i'm just too sad to you can have manhattan because i can't have you.

aliceness 17 Mar 2014

Sara B writes the best break up songs, I swear. "And I know that holding us in place is simply fear of what’s already changed."   1

woozysmiles 2 Mar 2014