Sweet as Whole by Sara Bareilles


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NSFW if cursing is considered unsafe at your workplace. Otherwise, enjoy the fuck out of this song.

drumby 22 May 2012

I will never not love this song <3

beccabumblybee 6 Dec 2013

This song really helps to get through the day when everyone is just an as whole (irony)

piecesofautumn 31 Aug 2014

One: i love sweet-sounding songs with swears. Two: this song is flawless.

thalassa 19 Feb 2013

This song just makes me laugh :) #fuckthatguy #hesjustanasshole

mandakatherinex 22 Oct 2014

I say what I think 'cause it's more economic than drugs or a drink

nikchick 14 Feb 2014