Husbands by Savages

“Album this week, and it suits all my Siouxsie-sound needs.”

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Album this week, and it suits all my Siouxsie-sound needs.

colly 5 May 2013

Number one on the 2012 Festive Fifty, announced 25 December 2012.   1

peeljams 15 Aug 2015

Fantastic band. Very Siouxsie Sioux'ish. This track was used in the closing credits of 'Ex Machina', a very interesting film.

garyfrancis 29 May 2015

Because of that movie "Ex Machina" this is now my new fave song #NinetiesRiotGrrlNostalgia #GrungePrincess

wndyctynovelist 20 May 2015

Finally got round to watching Ex Machina. Absolutely loved it from start to finish, including this lively little number that played over the credits.   2

crawtonleek 11 Sep 2015

Hadn't heard this song till the end of Ex Machina, and now I'm wondering why. Blown. Away.   6

ravann 1 May 2015