i am here. by Savages

“Siouxsie spawn”

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Siouxsie spawn

davidcard 12 May 2013

New at http://musicdiaries.tumblr.com: Floex, Kill Your Boyfriend, Zero 7, Björk, Mekele, Scanners, Still Parade, Night Beds, Savages and Sally Dige   5

ellinem 3 Sep 2013

In case you still haven't listened to @savgesband

AllEnglandClub 8 Apr 2013

#BestOf2013 Let's make this #GothWeekend. And a good year for Goth it was...   2

thisismymistake 8 Dec 2013

The world is with me   1

malevolosidade 9 Oct 2013

Sloppy and aggressive, it's the drums that really makes the track a favorite jam.   1

marks 11 Jul 2013