Pharaohs by SBTRKT

“Good morning.”

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Good morning.

jedsundwall 13 Nov 2013

It’s from 2011, and I may have heard it before, since it’s one of the singles from the album, so it‘s quite likely it was on rotation here and there, but only now has it clicked for me—maybe because I was bored and tired during a recent shopping trip, which is the occasional and, regrettably, unavoidable kind of activity I honestly detest from the bottom of my heart, and this track, that played subtly in the background to enhance the revenue, suddenly came for me, against the purpose, as a light in a tunnel of the seemingly endless rows of conveniently displayed, not overly trendy pants, tops, t-shirts, jackets and accessories (and, apparently—thank you YT comments—it’s been included in the GTA V soundtrack, which may be a bonus for the gamers among TIMJers). I don’t know if it’s the beat, the synth or what, but there’s something in it that makes me play it again and again, even though normally this sort of sound would not make it to my playlist. A joyful lesson in open-mindedness.   2

homosporocarpus 14 Jan 2015

Not sure what to pick from this album - all of it is my jam. This or Wildfire, and this makes me nod more.   3

infovore 12 Oct 2011


LennonsLoveyyy 23 Jan 2015

If you hate vowels, you'll love this tune.

Chad_DAP 28 Jan 2015

Pharoahs. God. Kings and Queens.

alan 4 Apr 2015