Trials of the Past by SBTRKT

“The ghoulish entities..”

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The ghoulish entities..

Lita_Bean 16 Nov 2011

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ellinem 16 Jan 2013

LOVE thees lyrics.

SOflyLy 28 Aug 2013

Bo11: Oddly-named SBTRKT proves that in music an artist can construct any universe. The relentless plaintive vocal couples with towering synth riffs are discombobulating. My universe shifted, just as it did when I first heard Dead Can Dance.

restless941 4 Nov 2013

My pick of the day!

auniquepick 24 Sep 2013

Snowboarding & moody electro patterns - perfect pairing for Thanksgiving unless I misinterpreted its message?

MrLoveProvider 22 Nov 2012