The Sails Of Charon by Scorpions

“Can't beat a bit of Uli to end the weekend!”

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Can't beat a bit of Uli to end the weekend!

JezBurtonshaw 20 Sep 2015

My first re-jam... I fell in love with this riff!

aSHOTofSCOTT 4 Aug 2012

There are some days when nothing sounds better than the Uli Jon Roth era of Scorpions. This is such a day.

EZSnappin 20 Nov 2012

*shredface*   3

p_k_n_y 24 Jan 2015

Why this hasn't been hijacked by hip hop song, I will never know...

jasperfuture 12 Dec 2011

An amazing song with amazing guitar that is unheard and mostly unappreciated by mainstream audiences.

mrldc 20 Jan 2015