Montague Terrace (In Blue) by Scott Walker

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Swoon. The incomparable Scott Walker.   1

sean1 14 Nov 2013

"His bloated belching figure stomps, he may crash through the ceiling soon" Truly wondrous strings and orchestra, although you may want to stop at 03:23 before the second track (why are these coupled?). And don't even go near the Glen Matlock live cover, please. Mr Walker, take a bow.

fatuous 4 Dec 2014

Favourite. Singer. Ever.   1

Electro808 29 Nov 2014

its a #mood... crank up the volume, close your eyes and immerse yourself!

smivvo 29 Dec 2014

So 60s. So spineshivery.

colindavey37 5 Aug 2015

But we know, don't we?   2

markwtaylor1 13 Mar 2014