Boom! There She Was. by Scritti Politti


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ted_gordon 7 May 2014

I really liked Scritti Politti for being so secretly subversive - Green is so sugary, but where else can you hear an such an ostensibly teeny pop song about drug making (and possibly the only lyric to contain the word Pharmacopoeia) Italian specialist motorcycling Venezuelan guerilla groups... and more besides. The production stands up today as clear and as clean as when you popped on your Koss headphones. They should get more credit. In the 80s, I had left home and made enough scratch to buy a good perm, a kipper tie, and a double breasted jacket or two. Music was suddenly very percussive and interesting because of Walkmans and CDs. Yello, Robert Palmer, and Scritti Politti were the soundtrack to all our personal Wall Streeting. But only Scritti Politti were making the philosophical points and actually commenting on the situation. So, crack open a bottle of fizz (ironically) and toast the bankers and markets that made us what we are today!   3

daved 23 Apr 2014

Meaningless lyrics, Roger Troutman, Marcus Miller. Excellent combo which makes for a slice of 80's ElectroFunk   1

Watersidestudio 20 Jun 2012

His voice was amazing.   1

husker666 7 Dec 2013

eternal jam

npseaver 13 Aug 2015

My first jam! Epic talkbox work on this by Roger Troutman.

ianmiller 8 Aug 2013