Perfect Way by Scritti Politti

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<3 happy 30th 'cupid & psyche '85' <3

maura 10 Jun 2015

This cheery 80s hit popped into my head today. #80smusic #popmusic

NellaD 19 Jan 2015

#80sflashback Huge, massive crush on Green Gartside ~ The year was 1985, I had just been married a month when Cupid and Psyche was husband threatened to leave if I played "Perfect Way" one more time.. Well he didn't leave, and 29 years later he is still here. I played Perfect Way while posting this.. and he didn't threaten to leave, but blasted Pink Floyd.. payback... :(   15

christineb 2 Jul 2014

Okay, one more Scritti. I remember buying this 45 at Lechmere's and hiding it from my school friends.

savetherobot 13 Jan 2012