The Sweetest Girl by Scritti Politti


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Talking about pop music. Sweet. #wsagjukebox.   2

wsagfanzine 14 Sep 2013

When the government falls, I wish I could tell When, oh when necessity calls, I never can tell

jaggeree 27 Mar 2012

@scrittipolitti the sweetest girl I waited almost 20 years to hear this live and it was beyond compare - green is a musical godlike genius

janeinma 16 May 2013

Ummm, brings back memories of London circa 1981.

MrSmith 28 Mar 2013

#ABCofMe S is for Scritti Politti. Track One Side One of the brilliant NME C81 cassette, which again inspired a change in the direction of my musical tastes. Progressive, Punk and Post Punk were all dead. What else was there? Answer: This. And Scritti Politti above all showed that some Pop music could work on several levels.   3

DavidShepherd 31 Aug 2015