Nowhere Again by Secret Machines


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The Machines haven't been seen above ground for a while now, but back in 2004 they unleashed a mammoth double epic debut "Now Here Is Nowhere" on an unsuspecting public. Think Floydian grandeur, Bonzo drums with Krautrock sensibilities and you're getting close. A debut effort with immense highs and lows. Dive! Dive! Dive!

itsFuzzyfm 10 Mar 2015

Kraut rock with a big chorus. Lovely tribute to Ben here

KarlSabino 22 Jun 2014

More from the career of Ben Curtis. Here's the practically flawless lead single from Secret Machines' great "Now Here is Nowhere" album.   1

ryangibbs 2 Jan 2014

Revisiting an old favorite in memory of Benjamin Curtis. RIP.

sweeter 3 Jan 2014

#secretmachines @secretmachines need more love.

delifte 14 Feb 2014

How we race..

fuijueves 4 Feb 2015