Sumidagawa Karenka by seiya-murai feat.ALT

“I've written an exposé regarding a radio show I run and the jams I play. Only recently, I've decided to run a series featuring video game music from the 2000s. While researching songs born from the new millennium, this little rhythm game gem popped up. Using the unique descriptor genre of A.I. Date Pop, the song first appeared in 2009 with the game "jubeat ripples" (known in The States as jukebeat). I thought this song was released much earlier, and yet I have been surprised to learn appeared towards the end of the decade. It didn't even see an album release until 2011. Still, I have nothing bad to say about the orchestration of the work. It's fast, it's melodic, it's catchy as sin. This will be on repeat for your entire week. It's has been for me. Vocaloid may be the kings and queens of robot pop, but never doubt cheap imitators. They often come prepared.”

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