Stompa by Serena Ryder

“cannot wait for this record..”

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cannot wait for this record..

ameliawave 13 Apr 2013

Movin to this Beat

StarmanXL5 26 Apr 2013

People working every night and day, never give yourself no time, got too many bills to pay ♬ ♪ #NowPlaying

shanelother 9 Aug 2014

Despite breaking glassware on my way out the door and stabbing myself with scissors this morning, Monday's turning around! #PracticallyAvenging

madmartyr 4 May 2015

The pain is not real if you move to the beat Stompa your feet. Listen to the music and enjoy the day XXXX

pooblemoo 15 Apr 2013

It sounds like Adele rocking out, and it's so catchy and addictive.   1

carlyinrome 3 May 2015