Life On Mars? by Seu Jorge


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but Han was first  

Love the original of this song, and I love this cover. Oh and I love the Life Aquatic.

fladriss 25 Aug 2014

Beautiful cover of the great Bowie classic taken from the album This life aquatic where Seu dose his take on Bowie some of the song on the album are also in the movie this( or is the) life aquatic any ways this is as I said a beautiful track take some time out and enjoy :-) #seujorge #lifeonmars #bowie   11

drewharley67 18 Nov 2013

The final weekend of #WorldCup2014 deserves a little Portuguese cover music to go out on. You're welcome.

RainbowJugular 12 Jul 2014

#njoy The man has a voice like Bowie; recognizable out of millions, like Cash, Cave, Waits, to mention a few (wait I forgot Sinatra!)..look for the other gems on YT; he recorded quite a few of them; even with the phrase; one more time. (and time takes a cigarette..)

pixites 6 Apr 2014

Just heard on #bbc6music - fantastic. #brazil   1

sricketts1 14 Jun 2014

Brazilian Bowie cover. What's not to like?   2

invernessred 16 Jun 2014