Garbage Truck by Sex Bob-Omb

“cause you're my queeen”

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cause you're my queeen   3

siobhangalpin 23 Jul 2014

Today is Comic-con, that's all. Jam accordingly.

rocketmanrsr 14 Jun 2014

I enjoy this song and believe it is the best song off of the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.   1

ully 27 Dec 2012

This soundtrack is so goooood!

gingerfaker 6 Sep 2014

I've finally finished the Scott Pilgrim series (after so much effort of borrowing it from the library since I didn't want to pirate it) and I'm in lesbians with it. "I'll be your garbage man~ I'll take out your junk; and I'll crush it down~"

bbiru 4 Feb 2015

Yup. :)   1

xuebles 30 Sep 2013