God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols

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We mean it, man...   5

stevefawcett 9 Sep 2015

Oh this public holiday dedicated to the Queen, I offer this song in celebration and honour...

FunkyJ 8 Jun 2015

The contrived outrage over a failure to hymn an elderly lady who bears an anachronistic title is - quite literally - like punk never happened.

desmondbullen 17 Sep 2015

'And England's Dreaming....' As if George Osborne wasn't bad enough, TIMJ will be lost forever. That rat I saw in the garden was a bad omen......   18

alisonsghost 10 Aug 2015

Some Sex Pistols for Sunday.   5

metallicagirl 8 Jun 2014

#TillTheWheelsComeOff For her Maj, never has a Queen inspired such a potent song. #TIMJ #NoFuture   1

adrian4acn 9 Sep 2015