Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) by Shabazz Palaces

“This album gives me life”

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This album gives me life

Lita_Bean 6 Mar 2012

Hip-Hop needs more truly ground-breaking artists like Shabazz Palace. this is for the real hip-hop heads.

hotsaas 19 Apr 2014

Long title for a short blast of gorgeous, glitchy hip-hop.

eyeballkid 21 Feb 2012

This... Just amazing. Old, but still great.

muffingod 12 Jun 2013

4 years on and I still can't listen to Shabazz Palaces's "Swerve...the reeping..." without skipping back to listen to it again a couple of times.

bighatdino 2 Jul 2015

I try to stop it but I can't/And still it morphs/This shit is way too advanced..

Kextun 4 Jul 2014