Comedy by Shack

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Connecting with the summer feel.... peace, ease..... pass the Pimms...   4

pbalchemy 23 Jun 2014

it was raining the other day over here (something that is rare), this is perfect rainy day melancholy music

juepucta 26 Jan 2012

This is a lovely song, it’s certainly not got guitar riffs that will melt your face off however It does have some great harmony’s and will put a smile on your face.

phantomstar 27 Jun 2014

Liverpool Odyssey 11...back only a little here... But a genuinely beautiful track here from Micheal Head et al. Comedy. Enjoy :-)   1

fitzc7 2 Nov 2013

Surely Shack must be rated as one of the greatest bands never to have made it? What a crime!

andyknightesq 16 Aug 2012

Originally from the HMS Fable album, this track and the rest of the album should be in everyone's collection, just sublime.

nottonmusic 11 Dec 2014