Comedy by Shack

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Liverpool Odyssey 11...back only a little here... But a genuinely beautiful track here from Micheal Head et al. Comedy. Enjoy :-)   1

fitzc7 2 Nov 2013

One of our most underrated songwriters , Michael Head.   2

gunsofbrixton 27 Jan 2014

Connecting with the summer feel.... peace, ease..... pass the Pimms...   4

pbalchemy 23 Jun 2014

Surely Shack must be rated as one of the greatest bands never to have made it? What a crime!

andyknightesq 16 Aug 2012

Originally from the HMS Fable album, this track and the rest of the album should be in everyone's collection, just sublime.

nottonmusic 11 Dec 2014

This is a lovely song, it’s certainly not got guitar riffs that will melt your face off however It does have some great harmony’s and will put a smile on your face.

phantomstar 27 Jun 2014