On The Regular by Shamir

“Illy yo! Thank you @ShamirBailey for this, my Thursday banger.”

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but streetpreacher was first  

Illy yo! Thank you @ShamirBailey for this, my Thursday banger.

Deanways 29 Jan 2015

Eat this Kanye   6

d0minic 20 Feb 2015

not sure if I love or hate this, but it's been running in my head for a few days now for better or worse. playfully catchy.   5

sideponytail 8 Dec 2014

I can´t stop listening to this song and others from the album, so good it is!!   1

laurafantyz 1 Aug 2015

SXSW brought it hard. Shamir seems legitimately futuristic.

Earology 10 Mar 2015

i love that visual of marbles falling onto a cowbell.

maddi909 4 Sep 2015