Let The Music Play by Shannon

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but bashford was first  

Most of my pals came up dancing / getting into music via the goth scene in the DC area. But I'm a child of NYC & of North Jersey, & I was dancing to different songs than them years ago. ;) This was one of them. I revel in its dated-ness & lack of "indie" cool.

evahopkins 12 Aug 2015

Shannon - Let The Music Play. everything is beautiful about this irresistable dance track from about '83. I would love to see 14yr old me dancing to this like I did in local church halls at discos.

bloopington 19 May 2015

One of the best electro tracks, ever. If this rhythm fails to get you moving, I quote Morrissey: "yer ded".

pivic 9 Oct 2014

I never get tired of really shiny songs about doomed romance. This is all I'll be listening to after TIMJ goes away.

Owlsoup 27 Aug 2015

A great slice of 80s dance music for a Saturday night. #shannon

svengarlic1 25 Oct 2014