I Love You But I'm Lost by Sharon Van Etten


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A great live version of a great song ... from my album of the year so far

davidwheward 9 Oct 2014

The album this comes from is currently the most played in Kirk Towers. My favourite of the year so far. A wonderful song!   1

albakirk 8 Jun 2014

can't wait to see her this Wednesday in STL!   2

sideponytail 12 Oct 2014

A #SundaySoother. So many people have said how good this album is,so I bought it and I wasn't disappointed   1

AndyMack 29 Mar 2015

"See me after I recoil I’m better than I know There’s room to grow"   1

inthecompanyof 5 Jan 2015

My favourite track released so far this year. Easily. What an unbelievably stunning album...

Bex_Boom 23 May 2014