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one day i'll be fine with that you don't leave me now do you love me back?

mariana_bloom 10 Oct 2014

Don't leave me now, you might love me back   14

flaneur 18 Feb 2012

In love with this deal   4

badmachinery 12 Dec 2011

Writing to this on loop today. Surprised that it resonated with the character it did, but can't deny it does.   4

kierongillen 16 Feb 2012

The penultimate track on her second album, "epic" is a much fuller sound than her 2009 debut. On that debut the songs are sparse dirges with small, quiet embellishments over agonizing vocals. "epic" on the other hand contains a full band and songs that feel alive albeit in pain. Her debut is addicting but by her second album, I've become a full tilt junkie. ("epic" was released in 2010, by the way.)   2

AheadByEcho 6 Jun 2014