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#tvtunesweek Such an incredible, haunting and memorable piece of music. Used for ITV show 'World in Action' for so so many years.......This is what the composer Shawn Phillips has to say about it: I'd like to set you straight if I may. Jonathan Weston had nothing to do with this piece of music. In fact, he walked into the session, as we were finishing up. I improvised it on the spot with Mick Weaver, and John Shepphard, (Producer for World In Action), paid for the session. At the time, I was not a member of the British Musicians Union, and there was some question as to how I'd get paid, but Granada told John that night when he called them, that I might make, oh........2 or 3 pounds at the most. So, Jonathan said we could put his name down as composer, and if anything came in, he would give it to me. Never did any of us dream that this music would run for more than 30 years. it was only 20 years later that I found out Weston had been collecting the royalties all those years.   53

philipnareike 19 Feb 2014