Baby, It's Cold Outside by She & Him


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QMagazine 26 Dec 2012

I know a lot of people who like this recording because of the gender role reversal, but if you go back to 1949, in the movie where the song appeared, it was performed twice, once with this gender swap. So really, it's totally traditional for either part to go to either gender. Yay equality!

Atticus064 18 Dec 2013


missyosigirl 9 Dec 2014

for those who were reading a more sinister intent in this song, is that still the case when the traditional genders singing each line are reversed?   1

trav23 16 Dec 2014

A beautiful cover by She & Him

manitarenia 28 Dec 2014

I didn't like this song until I heard this gender-swapped version. Otherwise it's vaguely rapey.

0yoshimi 20 Dec 2014