Have yourself a merry little Christmas by She & Him

“It's not Christmas, buts still a great version of a classic!”

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It's not Christmas, buts still a great version of a classic!

Samanthadrama1 28 Aug 2014

Hopes everyone has a great holiday season xx

mallorysmith92 24 Dec 2013

Re-watching Elf featuring the newly-single and delectable Ms Deschanel. Remembered this Christmas classic...

Scrambledegg71 21 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas! Lets hope for a peaceful and happy new year!   4

Steve_Marshall 23 Dec 2013

My fave xmas song covered amazingly by my fave band which makes this song one of my faves as well. Did I stress on how good it really is already?

windsofthewood 24 Dec 2014

I don't particularly like Christmas Songs but She & Him just make me want to reconsider. A great rendition for this night/season

windsofthewood 24 Dec 2013