In the Sun by She & Him


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and I'll just keep it to myself in the sun, in the sun...

sleepingmermaid 23 Apr 2014

Looking forward to the covers album due in December but until then it's back to the older stuff.

Jasgra 18 Nov 2014

Its too dark, so here is some sunny music #fb

thisidiotsays 26 Dec 2013

Hey - it's she, him, great song, great video and some mighty fine guitar playing from M. Ward!

newley 15 Dec 2012

We all get the slip sometimes every day I'll just keep it to myself In the sun Grins XXXX

pooblemoo 30 Nov 2013

Because I'm in the mood for something fun and happy today. And because Zooey Deschanel can flounce around my high school building any time she wants to.

Thrashbrowns 14 Aug 2013