I've Got Your Number, Son by She & Him


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More ZD and M Ward magic.

joecoolesq 22 May 2013

Somthing chilled for the #bankholiday weekend... Hoping the #Beachboys style rhythems' will channel the sun x

Cornishson73 4 May 2013

The words, harmonies, and melodies make this one a sweet one. "What's a man without all the attention? Well he's just a man."

cosemos 7 Sep 2013

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have definitely pinned down their formula for success - upbeat retro-pop that evokes the sound of summer no matter what season it happens to be outside. Volume 3's opener "I've Got Your Number, Son" is this formula in its purest form, and it is splendid.

FinalDestiny 5 Aug 2013

And you can tell everyone, I've got your number, son.

theuncannyalex 9 May 2013

Be happier, listen to She & Him!! =D

laurafantyz 29 Apr 2013