The End of Radio by Shellac

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The End of This Is My Jam. It's been great while it lasted. All the best.   6

spewish 17 Aug 2015

Goodbye This This This This This is My J-J-J-J-Jam.

Matt_Hecht 22 Aug 2015

Is this thing on? Can you hear me now?

mauricerickard 25 Mar 2014

Saw Shellac at SWG3 in Glasgow last night. I enjoyed it, but others who have seen them before suggested that it was a bit lacklustre.

rnnbrwn 24 Nov 2013

Just one of my favourite songs ever. Brooding and massive.

Illusionator_66 9 Feb 2014

Endings being much in my mind lately. This is one of my favourite songs, particularly experienced in the flesh.

Illusionator_66 30 Mar 2015