He Needs Me by Shelley Duvall

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It's like a dime a dance, I"ll take a chance.

beetleginny 30 Mar 2012

When you haven't seen your toddler in 12 days and he wants nothing but for you to hold him

dicebourbon 15 May 2015

Written by Harry Nilsson, arranged by Van Dyke Parks.

joapps 2 Dec 2011

I can't listen to music right now, but this soothes my head with its stunning beauty. From the OST to Punch-Drunk Love x

beardymouse 22 May 2013

"But I do..." :( #Popeye #RobinWilliams

ohdrahcir 15 Aug 2014

Belated valentine for Nicholas Kristof

evankindley 16 Feb 2014