Burn the Pages by Sia

“This song this SONG oh man <3”

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This song this SONG oh man <3

Mactasia 4 Jul 2014

This song is so important to me,because the lyrics help me go ahead, is #awesome #perfect #beautiful #magic '' Yesterday is gone and you will be ok, place your past into a book,burn the pages let 'em cook''

willyjtc8129986 14 Jul 2014

Inspires dancing! (And Musical Statues.)

kbeilz 18 Aug 2014

Burn the pages, let them cook.

breppy 11 Jul 2014

Currently stuck in my head on repeat @Sia's 'Burn the Pages.' #jamz

whoanowitscarly 10 Jul 2014

It’s a heavy load carrying those tears around Carrying those fears around Worry makes the world go round

mint 25 Mar 2015