Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco

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but d33pthought was first  

It has to be Audacity of Huge! It's got chutzpah in spades that's for sure...

Dosman 13 May 2014

Half of Simian left the indie rock band to create SMD. One of the greatest decisions in history. #spinoffbandjams

daftmonk 16 Aug 2014

yesterday i went for a spin in a bottle green bentley. reminded me of the brilliant lyrics to this tune.   4

solveigo 20 Feb 2013

You know I got that Peter Tosh

speghengiskhan 2 Jun 2014

I got a bio-diesel dirigible.

philiph 22 Jul 2014

Talk about an earworm!

steev_nahrbl 17 Feb 2013