Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel


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The all-wise city fathers want to tear down our beloved footbridge that crosses over the beer-dark North Saskatchewan River and put up a new train crossing to service the suburbs. I've no problem with Light Rapid Transit, but they should locate its bridge a quarter of a mile upstream where it belongs. Check out my agonized bleat at   9

Swampy 10 Feb 2014

Still crossing....

Olimite 1 Sep 2014

Oh Garfunkel, you sweet-voiced man, you. #angelbaby

edlweiss1 29 Jul 2014

#Swoon jam. So I was driving with my Mom today listening to Simon & Garfunkel and this song came on. I rattled on at 100 mph (like I always do) how really, they don't make music like this anymore. Everytime I hear this song, it brings goosebumps, I mean..listen really listen to the lyrics, damn and by the time the crescendo hits, I am in tears. Pure power, emotion and joy.. Only video I could play here that wasn't restricted, just my luck happens to be my favorite show!   21

christineb 22 Mar 2015

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